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Volkswagen Superbowl XVIII Commercial

This is a cute commercial. It is called Angels and Rainbows. In it a daughter hears her dad say that every time a VW passes the 100,000 mileage mark an engineer earns his wings. Most of the commercial is spent watching wings sprout of the backs of men in white coats, with some mildly funny scenes. She asks if rainbows fly out of the engineer’s butts at 200,000 miles. Fortunately, that is when the commercial ends so we do not see that.

The obvious point is how reliance and long lasting Volkswagens are.

30 second Superbowl commercials cost about $4 million. This advertisement has some cute and funny moments, but overall it is fairly tame. We would say the commercial is not memorable enough to be remembered long.

Here is another VW commercial for the big game using a different, sexier angle:

Carmen Electra is featured in this thirty second ad. Although this ad also has a sexy moment, and immediately afterwards a funny moment to apparently detract from Carmen Electra, overall there is not much here.

Neither commercial seems destined to win best commercial for the Super Bowl and will probably not do much, if anything, for car sales.

On the other hand, the Examiner in a pre-game commercial review called Angels and Rainbows catchy and brilliant, and better than prior Volkswagen commercials. We would not go that far. On the other hand, how well a commercial stacks up for the game often depends on the strength of the competition. From what we have seen so far the competition will be tough.