2013 VW Passat Touch Up Paint

Touch up Paint Colors Available:

Color Picture Paint Code(s) Name of Color
2R2R, 9046, LD7X Platinum Gray Metallic
3N3N, LD5M Glacier Blue Metallic
5K, I7F, LI7F Urano Gray/Uranograu
8E, 8E8E, LA7W Reflex Silver Metallic
9010, A1, A1A1, L041 Black
9021, 9930, B4, B4B4, LB9A Candy White
K5K5, LB7W Tungsten Silver Metallic
LH5X, Z2Z2 Night Blue Metallic
LQ3Z, S0, S0S0 Opera Red Metallic


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What Others Have to Say

Cars dot com liked the spacious interior and the smooth and comfortable ride. They also made a point of noting the huge amount of leg room for those in the back seat.

On the downside they thought it could raise the ownership cost by the V6 engine needing premium gas, they were not sure what to make of the optional dual-clutch transmission, and felt the steering would have been tighter to the road.

Edmunds said the 2013 version was very similar with only minor changes to the prior year’s model. The car is refined, efficient, and for a family car a solid choice to buy.

The car has top safety scores, a quiet ride, V6 engine, and a refined and high quality interior. Not up to par was the braking distance.

The bottom line for Kelley Blue Book is that the car is a great value for the money. It has tough competition but the Passat is one of the best family cars. It has a lot of space, plentiful features, affordable and very comfortable.

The Passat is recommended for those wanting a relatively inexpensive car with German engineering that is made in America. The car has a lot of standard features.

On the other hand options can quickly increase the price for the type of car where there is plenty of good competition.

The interior of the car is not overdone. It is classy, tasteful and refined. Moving above the base model gets you a very nice looking wood trim and real leather. There is a surprising amount of leg room for those in the back seat.

The exterior of the car is sleek and subtle in its appearance. The horizontal lines bring attention to the long length of the car. The long size helps give the car a spacious trunk area. The trunk space is bigger than some cars officially classified as large.

Coming standard with the car is a manual transmission, cloth seating, Bluetook, and various automated controls. There are a lot of additional options to consider for the car. This includes a mobile device enabled USB port, more trims and packages such as leatherette seating if you do not want leather, a premium sound system, automatic transmission, and a strong V6 engine.

Buyer Reviews Synopsis

Five out of five stars. I have the TDI Passat. It gets excellent fuel mileage, has lots of room in the front and back, and is very comfortable when driving. – Utah.

Five out of five stars. I really love my car. It is comfortable, beautiful, and I feel like I got a lot more luxury what what I paid for compared to other cars I looked at. It is really a pleasure to drive. You can feel the road more than other cars but that is part of the German design.
Did I say I loved my car? – New Jersey.

Five out of five cars. I I have owned more than eighty cars including a half dozen Volkswagens and another diesel. Overall, the ride is quiet, I am getting 45 miles to the gallon, and overall this is a wonderful car. – Georgia

Two out of five stars. Bad car. I am in Seattle where it does not get that cold, but the doors would freeze shut. I could not get them open. There was water coming down onto the car. The dealer resealed the doors for me and that fixed the problem. Then, after it rained, the windows would fog up. Now the back window won’t always roll up. Sometimes the sensor in the window will think something is there and cause the window to automatically roll down. I am more than ready for a new car and am tired of going back to the dealer. – Washington.

Four out of five stars. I wanted good gas mileage, price, heated seats, and rear leg room. The passat has the most room in the back of any other car in its class. It looks really nice and I want to keep it that way. The car handles really well and has a great design. – Ohio.

One out of five stars. The Passat SE was my first Volkswagen. The multi-function display was not working when I when to setup the bluetooth and radio. The dealer said they would fix it but it was a real bummer. So I won’t buy another VW. – North Carolina.

Five out of five stars. The Passat has the same engine as the Audi A6 and is like driving a high performance sedan. The performance is out of this world. Great car I never want to give up. – New Mexico.