2013 VW Golf Touch Up Paint

2013 vw golf

Touch up Paint Colors Available:

Paint Color Paint Code(s) Name
0B, 0B0B, LP7W Moon Rock Gray Metallic
0Q0Q, C9A, LC9A Pure Weiss/Pure White
0V, 0V0V, LA7P, R2 Frostsilber Metallic
1K1K, LA9W Carbon Steel Metallic
2R2R, LD7X Platinum Gray Metallic
2T2T, LC9X Deep Black Pearl
4C4C, LR5Z Rising Blue Metallic
5K, I7F, LI7F Urano Gray/Uranograu
8E8E, LA7W Reflex Silver Metallic
A1A1, L041 Black
B4B4, LB9A Candy White
C1C1, LP5W Tempest Blue Metallic
G2G2, LY3D Tornado Red
LA7T, X6X6 United Gray Metallic
LC5F, W9, W9W9 Blue Graphite Pearl


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What Others Have to Say

Cars dot come gave the Golf four point eight points out of five. It liked the comfortable seating and extra inside the vehicle, in addition to premium materials being used. They also liked how the car handles, its overall performance, and the diesel option.

They did not like was the ride in the diesel version, some limited visibility in the two door model when looking back over the left hand shoulder, and they thought the steering wheel could telescope further if you need to move it.

Edmunds noted the car remains essentially the same as from the 2012 model, and there was no reason for much change. The Golf has great features, strong performance, and a unique style that makes it highly recommended.

Features they most liked were the reliability and safety of the car. The diesel option offers opportunities for extra fuel savings. Driving the vehicle is fantastic and inside it is roomy with premium construction and materials for comfort.

On the downside they felt the diesel engine was pricey.

Car and Driver notes that the Golf plays a prominent role in Volkswagen’s attempt to unseat Toyota as the number one selling car manufacturer in the world.

The Golf has increased length and width to make it more roomy compared to other hatchbacks, with an edgier design for eye appeal. The body length will be more in line with other VW models so the company can make more basic parts interchangeable between different models to help keep costs and prices down for consumers.

The new diesel engine is in part driven by European requirements and new emissions standards.

Kelley Blue Book editors gave the Golf a seven point five rating. They noted this is the last year for the current Golf version with a substantial redesign planned for 2014.

If you are looking for a hatchback that is fun to drive, then the Golf is it. The vehicle is as fun to drive as anything else on the market. If price is the most important buying decision then you may need to look elsewhere.

Driving the Golf it is noticeably quiet inside. The ride is silky smooth and you would think you were in a much more expensive vehicle. The new Turbo diesel provides both extra acceleration when needed and fuel economy overall. The design is edgy to appeal to a younger type of driver.

The exterior of the car is something you will want to keep looking nice. The design has a sharp crease along the length of the vehicle that gives it a distinctive look. It is a look that has worked for the Golf for decades.

The interior is quality throughout and is not something buyers criticize. It is both functional and comfortable with fitted bucket seats. The dash has a good information display. But if you want, upgrades are available to get more on the instrument panel and sport seats.

Equipment that comes standard in 2013 includes the valuable split folding rear seat, air conditioning, power windows, and as a design element dual exhaust tips which are polished. For upgrades the seats are heated and Bluetooth is provided along with a CD player. There are also mobile device capabilities one now expects in a vehicle.

The most important option is deciding whether to get the diesel engine. Diesel is currently being heavily promoted but time will tell about customer adoption in the US.

Buyer Reviews Synopsis

Five out of five stars. I have a turbo diesel 2013 Golf with several upgrades. It works great as a commuter vehicle. Gas mileage can exceed fifty mpg. The car is very quiet and surprisingly comfortable for longer trips. Compared to other cars I checked out the interior was much more stylish. One feature I wish it had was a back up camera. – Ohio

Five out of five stars. I got the tech package with keyless entry, sunroof and navigation. The manual transmission is smooth when shifting. There are a ton of features if you dive into the car’s details. There are even two different ways to manually shift gears. The navigation screen could be bigger.
I say buy this car unless you are waiting for the 2014 redesign. – California

Five out of five stars. I corrected a mistake I made a few years when I bought a Mazda instead of the Golf. The Mazda was OK. The Golf is exciting and love the car. It has plenty of room to hold several teenager and works great as a family car. The automatic is a lot of fun to drive and I am glad I made the switch to this car. – Florida.

Four out of five stars. I have a drop that requires a lot of driving and I put many miles on a car. Looking a five door hatchbacks we decided to go with the Golf. I wanted a safe car that is reliable with premium performance. The overall look of the car is clean and tight. The interior is modern but a little sparse and I think the electronics are just basic. But I did just purchase the base model. One interesting little feature I found fun is the alarm lock sound is the same as the beep-beep horn sound used on the original Beetle. Definitely a happy customer as the the performance, handling and ride and solid and well done. – Nevada.