2013 VW Beetle Touch Up Paint

2013 beetle
Touch up Paint Colors Available:

Color Paint Code(s) Reference
0A, 0A0A, LB5K Reef Blue Metallic
0B, 0B0B, LP7W Moon Rock Gray Metallic
2R, 2R2R, 9046, LD7X Platinum Gray Metallic
2T2T, LC9X Deep Black Pearl
4Q4Q, LH8Z Toffee Brown Metallic
8E, 8E8E, LA7W Reflex Silver Metallic
9010, A1A1, L041 Black
9021, 9930, B4, B4B4, LB9A Candy White
G2G2, LY3D Tornado Red
LB1B, T1T1 Sunflower Yellow
LP5F, X0, X0X0 Denim Blue
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New Features in the 2013 Volkswagen Beetle

Easier automatic seat adjustments so you are comfortable while driving.

Improved DSG technology permits seamless and smooth shifting of gears. This also helps improve vehicle mileage.

New keyless entry to start your VW and unlock and lock doors.

Easier setting of the car’s clock.

Easier and better connection between your mobile devices and the car.

Play favorite songs with just the touch of one button.

More radio presets for your favorite stations.

Better navigation system to find the address you are looking for.

More headlight coverage, especially when cornering to help avoid accidents.

Overall the car is a little larger and taller.  There is now a model option with a turbo diesel engine.


What Others Have to Say

Cars dot com gives the Beetle a four point six out of five rating.  They liked the retro design and luxury interior.  If you have a convertible model the top goes up and down quickly.  They were not a fan of the overall ride and felt the braking was soft.

US News gave the car a seven point three out of ten,   The highest ranking was for safety with a nine point three and the lowest ranking was a six point five for the interior.  They thought the inside of the car was too small and cramped to be an every day vehicle.

Edmunds gave the car high marks for its style.  Like other reviewers it enjoyed the turbo diesel engine option.  They appreciated the many features in the stylish interior and felt the amount of space was larger than in competitors.  On the downside they felt the price was a little high.

Motortrend gave it three out of five stars.  Their review noted the car is loaded with tech features, is larger and roomier than prior year models, and has a cool option with a retro layout of many controls can be chosen.


Buyer Reviews Synopsis

Five out of five stars!  I have the Turbo Volkswagen, the six-speed manual version and love it.  It was wonderful styling.  The shifting is smooth as silk.  The seats are awesome and super comfy.  I have blue stripes on gray.  Gotto mention the super speakers and stereo system.  Some things to nitpick are the rear defroster needs to go faster. – New York

Five out of five stars.  I have the 2013 TDI VW Beetle Convertible.  Great handling and it is getting 45 miles per gallon.  Good handling and power.  Like the sporty feel of the manual transmission.  We use it for regular transportation around town. – North Carolina.

Five out of five stars.  My wife and I love out TDI and the diesel engine.  To push the diesel our Beetle came with more features which is great.  Nice interior, trim, and turbo performance.  The mobile media, satellite, and Bluetooth rock.  We expect to get three hundred thousand miles out of this great purchase. – Colorado.

Five out of five stars.  I have fallen in love with my turbo Beetle.  I have had other Beetles and this is the best one.  Comfy and stylish I love the color of the body and the colors in the interior.  Super price. – New Jersey.

Four out of five stars.  I have not had the car that long but would recommend it someone who was single because of its size. – New York.

Five out of five stars.  Love this car.  My Beetle Convertible Turbo is the fourth VW I’ve owned.  It is the best yet and can’t say enough about this car.  The manual transmission is smooth and fast.  The interior is luxurious.  The sound system is stunning.  Overall, a wow moment getting in.  One of my friends drove it and was surprised at how responsive it was and its get up and go and how easy the transmission was.  With the top up visibility is not always great but I have learned to adjust the side mirrors.  No complaints about this one. – Texas.

Four out of five stars.  This is my second Beetle after my first had a collision.  Since that one handled the accident well I decided to get another this year.  Very, very impressed.  Great exterior and interior colors and styling.  The keyless entry is great and the car really handles well.  The side mirrors fold up which is interesting.  The steering wheel has buttons to control the radio.  The ride is smooth and there is a lot of space inside the car.  The one drawback is the mesh sunshade which can get really hot.  I should not have added the sunroof but now will probably get it tinted to help keep the handle for the sunshade cool. – California.

Five out of five stars.  My black beetle is getting 28 city and 34 highway mph.  I had a beetle years ago and the 2013 design is much nicer.  A couple big thumbs way up. – Louisiana.

Four out of five stars.  I have the 2013 Turbo Fender Edition Beetle.  It is hard to put into words how great this car is.  Very upgraded compared to classic Beetle cars in the past.  The sound system is excellent and the car is a lot of fun to drive.  There is nothing wrong with the car, but since I have not had it a long time decided I could not give it all five stars.  But right now I am very happy with this vehicle. – Texas.

Five out of five stars.  Everyone I know loves my car and so do I.  It is a rock star!  The denim blue color is incredible.  The heritage wheels on it look great.  People are always rubbernecking when I drive by.  The car is oozing style everywhere.  VW did a great job with its design.  Except for needing to upgrade the stereo there is nothing wrong this car.  It is great and will get you a lot of attention when you drive it. – Texas.





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