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Get the right color matching paint used for Volkswagen vehicles. The official company Volkswagen U.S. site is here although it has no apparent information about buying paint.

We have not seen any Volkswagen corporate online resource selling to consumers touch up paint.
Volkswagen touch up paint
Volkswagen Beetle
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To Buy VW Paint

Three pieces of information to have:
1. Your Volkswagen model name.

2. Year of manufacture.

3. The paint code.

Answers to Common Issues About Your Volkswagen

Where are the color codes located?

All VW vehicles fortunately have identifying paint color codes. However, Volkswagen can sometimes make it challenging to find where the code is located.

The code is necessary so that you can get the precise original color of paint formula used by your Volkswagen model and specific year and of course color.

All Volkswagen color codes are located in the trunk of your car. That is where the adventure begins. There are numerous places in trunk where the code can be found.

Typically, though, when you find the label it will indicate "Paint" so you know what you are looking at.

Click this link for a page
graphically illustrating a label and where the color code is found in your vehicle.

Should I Get Any Car Paint at the Store?

No. You should only want an auto paint manufacturer specialing creating OEM specific paint for Volkswagen makes and models.

Stores do not have auto paint in storage for your 8-year old vehicle. Not that you would want to use such old paint.

Only a few excellent car paint suppliers have the high tech equipment needed to precisely manufacture the exact matching color of paint for your Volkswagen.

The highly suggested seller of touchup paint AutomotiveTouchup, a Microfinish company, as they are able to exactly color match your VW. The company produces high quality OEM paint at reasonable prices.

Where to Get Volkswagen Touch Up Paint

Volkswagen Dealerships - Some neighborhood Volkswagen dealerships could stock have VW touchup and repair paint. Expect prices to vary and be on the high side. Several Volkswagen dealer locations in addition to the US Volkswagen website, and Volkswagen accessory and parts sites. The result was not a single tube or can of touchup paint was for sale at any price.

So that you can void paying a highly marked up price from a dealer, wasting a lot of gas and time, only to find out what you want is not available, we strongly suggest using one these providers.

Both of these OEM paint manufacturers have high tech facilities with more than 100,000 different color variations with a guaranteed match of your vehicle's color.

These are original paint suppliers the industry uses. If this is what the professionals use it only makes sense to use one of our chosen OEM manufacturers:

Automotive Touchup is the website. It is by Microfinish, a company from Louisiana operating the website called Automotive Touchup. Microfinish is the top seller of auto paint.

The business has precision equipment that can match even faded paint. With 60,000+ OEM color formulations and 300,000 color shades available, no one can meet their paint providing capabilities.

After shopping different websites we determined that Automotive Touchup's prices are lower than other options.

These are the primary reasons why Automotive Touchup received our number one recommendation:
* OEM paint manufacturer

* Guaranteed color matching paint

* Largest number of paint variations available

* Low prices

* Longtime, reputable seller

* Easy ordering

* Accessories available if you need other supplies to complete the repair.

* Fresh paint made to order. This is not old paint that has been sitting on a shelf.

* Good selection different types of applicators depending on the size of repair - from pens to sprays to paint cans

Paint Scratch

Bio Pac is another good paint seller which operates a website called Paint Scratch. The family business is in Nevada and much past expertise in the automotive industry. The company has more than 100,000 color combinations at its disposal.

Automotive Touchup and PaintScratch both promise an exact color which matches the color of your VW.

Do not let chips and scratches ruin your car. When paint is missing the metal is exposed to the elements, which can rust and ultimately a more expensive repair.

Remember to take appropriate precautions when using any paint. Do not ingest, keep it way from your skin or wash it off quickly, use in an open or well ventilated area, and keep away from fire.

The appearance of your car significantly affects its value. Even if you do not plan on selling your VW, it is amazing how much better you feel when your car looks like new. Take some time to take car of your car today.